Friday, 30 July 2010

Mod. Project XIX.

Yes, 'Project XIX', our codename. Ssshhhhhh!

Here are some more detailed heads. They're primarily for our 3D modeller for reference whilst he creates the face so that he can get the right shape and expression for everything- hair, moustache, beard, etc.

They're still very sketchy for now as it's still very much conceptual. I intend to create much more detailed and finely rendered versions at a later date. A good opportunity to further my Photoshop painting skills.

Below is an early, unfinished (as always) view of the cowboy character from behind. It lacks details, like weapons, bullet belt and other accessories, but it gives the general idea of how he should look.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

More concept art

Instead of just adding more work in progress to the original Mod post, I'm going to try and make new posts from now on for anything that warrants it. I'll also try and provide more commentary and insight.

But for now, here is a more detailed face for the cowboy character:

Still work in progress though!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

To Post or Not to Post

I've been in two minds for a while now as to whether or not to make this post. The reason being; I'm not all that happy with they way the above painting has turned out. But then I decided there's no point in only showing things when you're happy with them. If I did that, I'd probably never ever post on here. I almost always feel that there's more I could have done with a painting or sketch. Most artists probably think that way. It's what drives us on as human beings- the eternal search for perfection.

Actually, that probably gives the wrong idea about what I'm aiming for in my work. It's definitely not perfection. Not in a photo-real sense anyway.

Unfortunately with the wolf painting I ended up leaving it too late, and being as I had a deadline for its completion- the hand in date at the gallery in which it is now hanging- to me it appears unsatisfactory. I know that if I had managed my time slightly more effectively I could have achieved a higher degree of detail and finish. As it is, to me at least, it looks incomplete and lacks detail, which is a shame as I can see its potential.

At this moment I should point out to any future potential employers or clients, that on a professional basis my time management and ability to reach deadlines satisfactorily is impeccable :) The wolf however was done purely for personal reasons, so I'm allowed to slack off.