Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I have recently taken the time to upload some of my favourite photos from the last couple of years to Flickr, where I have created a new set, ingeniously titled 'Favourites'. Unfortunately, as I don't currently have a Pro account I'm limited to 100Mb of photos a month, and seeing as I've triumphantly blown all of that in one go I will have to wait a few weeks before I can add any more.

Click here to go to the set on Flickr.

Check out a few of the shots below as an immediate appetiser.

Friday, 15 February 2008


It's been a while. It appears I've gone the way of many Bloggers before me, having started off with good intentions, but then, err, forgotten.. yes forgotten, to post.

Actually that's a bit of a lie. I've not forgotten really. I've been meaning to post but other things keep on getting in the way. My health for one. Also, I've not really felt like I've had anything particularly worth posting of late. But to remedy that, here is a more or less finished scan of the painting of Minnie, my cat.

'More or less finished' in that I could keep working on it, but I'm choosing not to as I'd like to move on to something else. I'm not entirely happy with the background; with hindsight I think keeping it more plain and less busy would perhaps look better. Either that or making it as detailed as the foreground (Minnie), as opposed to the annoying In-Between I seem to have settled on. Next time Gadget... Next time.