Sunday, 20 July 2008

Despite the new job, I've still managed to continue with a bit of painting and sketching in my free time.
The above is a work in progress attempt to paint my other cat, Lucy. It's early on, so lacking much detail or refinement. I'm finding her a lot harder to paint than Minnie however, I think mainly due to her having far fewer colours in her fur and markings. Also, the fact I've chosen to paint an image of her in which she's squinting, her eyes therefore not fully in view, is probably not helping. Eyes being a main focal point of a face, providing character and detail, etc.

Ho hum. Lesson learnt. Always have eyes.
Another copy of some existing concept art, again from Fable II. This time a big breasted woman, staple of the video game industry. THEY'RE BIGGER THAN HER HEAD! o_0
And a silly little Darth Vader doodle.

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