Friday, 22 June 2012

Welcome! Again.

Welcome to the new look Memoirs of a Visible man. As regular readers (I suspect I have a few) may have noticed, I've revamped the presentation of this blog, bringing it more in line with the look of my new website, visually, as well as the URL. Formerly known as lukusaurus.blogspot, it is now artbylukebennett.blogspot.

After weeks of hard work the website is now live. Please check it out-
It's full of original, high quality artwork to buy, as well as fine art and photographic Giclée prints.

There's also a commissioning service where people can arrange to have a nice picture of themselves painted. Or their pet cat, or their dog, or their horse, or their pet crow, or their hamster, or their granny, or their baby, or their house, or their car.

Basically, anything legal, I'm willing to paint it. For money.

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