Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer's Here!

Oh wait, no, it's gone again. But boy was it nice whilst it lasted.

Yes, the sun made a timely appearance last week - just when weeks of seemingly nonstop rainfall were on the verge of breaking the spirit of many good men - bringing with it a proper taste of summer. Or at least the type of summer most of us long for in Britain.

Knowing deep down that there was no way it would last, I made the most of it, leaving my canvas and paintbrush inside and venturing out, camera in hand for lots of  long walks around the Warwick and Solihull countryside.

The following photos were taken in the footpaths of Berkswell Village, where the wheat fields were in full bloom. I took most of the shots between 8pm and 9pm when the sun was setting, using a tripod and some long exposures (some longer than others, with the aid of a built in ND filter). This has brought out the natural light really well, with some interesting colours and shadows.

I'm really happy with the way they've turned out. To see more of the set visit my Art By Luke Bennett Flickr page. As always, for more original artwork, fine art prints and photographs, or to commission a portrait or pet portrait, visit my website, artbylukebennett.com.

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