Friday, 16 November 2012

Autumn Images in Warwickshire.

Or at least, a part of Warwickshire...

Regular visitors to my Blog might be aware of my fondness for Hay Woods near Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire. It's a beautiful place to go for a long walk throughout the year, but particularly so during the changes brought about by Autumn. 

A Monday or two ago the sky was clear and the sun was burning down, so conditions were perfect for some autumnal photography. I put down my paint brushes and headed out, spending the best part of the midday and afternoon light trooping around in my wellies with a camera and tripod taking pictures.

The colour of the leaves and the distinct light and shadow cast through the clear, cold sky enabled some nice photo opportunities. (Pictured below.)

As lovely as the afternoon was however, there was one moment of sheer panic and terror as I jumped across a small ditch only to feel my legs slip in opposite directions, leading to a desperate and vain attempt to then shield my camera from the now inevitable crash landing into the (incredibly water-logged) mud, only to see it land, lens down, like buttered bread leaving the kitchen table, and get caked in brown stuff.

Luckily I had a load of tissue on hand (always be prepared, dib dob) and was able to clean it up reasonably successfully. The zoom makes a nice grinding noise now too, as a kind of friendly yet mocking reminder of my clumsiness.

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