Saturday, 16 March 2019

A Recently Commissioned Pet Portrait

Hello Dear Reader,

Once again, this blog has been neglected. This probably goes without saying by now as with every new post it's been a while since the last. It's not that I haven't been painting or taking commissions... It's more that a lot of my time and attention goes into making sure my customers are happy with their paintings, rather than into marketing myself online.

Phew, got out of that one. Anyway, I'm sorry Blog, I never meant to hurt you so.

Above is a recent pet portrait commissioned by a customer from Solihull. It depicts their family pet dog and was gratefully received by the commissioner and their family member who received it as a surprise gift.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The photo supplied was very clear and high resolution, which meant I was able to put in a lot of detail and get a very good likeness, without having to guess, or to make assumptions about how the subject actually looks in real life! You may laugh, but I get asked to do portraits from some, shall we say, GODAWFUL photographs that are not in any way representative of the subject. You know who you are... ;)

If you would like to commission a pet portrait, or a human portrait for that matter, please visit my website -
Keen-eyed followers may notice that the website has received a bit of an overhaul, a fresh lick of paint as it were. I've spent a couple of days tidying things up, out with the old black and gold layout and in with a fresher, cleaner look. I like it, I hope you will too!

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